Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall is the broker/owner of Authority Realty Inc. and owner of Authority Inc. DBA Authority Insurance. Jeff has 16 years in real estate and 28 years as an insurance agency owner. He graduated from Adrian College in Michigan with a B.A. in Marketing. Jeff is always available for his agents and wants everybody to be successful.

Ann Wall

Ann Wall is also owner of Authority Realty Inc. and Authority Inc. DBA Authority Insurance. Ann has been a real estate agent for 16 years and has 27 years experience as an Insurance agent/owner. Ann is the Vice President & CFO with Authority Inc. DBA Authority Insurance and oversees the real estate files and the insurance financials. Ann looks forward to welcoming you to the team!

Maritza Felico

Maritza Felico is the general manager for Authority Realty and Authority Insurance. Maritza has 20 years experience in Florida Real Estate. Maritza loves helping others and is in charge of the Mentor program for new agents.